Dr. Kathy Maupin

Medical Director of BioBalance Health and Author of The Secret Female Hormone

More about Biobalance 4 Women and Me

I understand that to begin a relationship with a new doctor you must form a contract of trust with her. I want you to learn about me and my staff so you can trust us with this portion of your health care. You may want to hear my story when I was in need of a compassionate doctor, and how I found pellet therapy. I will share my complete story in an upcomming blog entry.

 Above all I want you to know that I am qualified to take care of you. I’ll also share my practice history and you can read the credentials of my medical staff on this website. Please acquaint yourself with us. I am not a researcher, but an OBGYN practitioner who has taken care of women for over 25 years, doing all the things OBGYNs do, as well as prescribing bio-identical formulations since 1986. I study research from various specialties to keep me on top of the newest findings for the benefit of my patients.

I earned my medical degree is from the University of Missouri Medical School, but I always felt out of place in that world. I was one of the first female OBGYNs and approached my patients and their care from a preventive standpoint, trying to partner with them to achieve wellness.

I am the creator and the only physician for Biobalance 4 Women. I am board certified 1989 and re-certified in 1998 by the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology. I am also a fellow of that college. I am licensed in Missouri, and also practice with a group of women doctors, Balanced Care for Women, in St. Louis Missouri.

I have been in private practice for 22 years. I have spent years developing treatment protocols for Biobalance 4 Women and now Biobalance 4 Men, as well as collaborating with business experts as to how to do the business of this type of practice. All this time I have been aching to finish my virtual CD program for you and other women who ask me why they have not heard of this therapy before!

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