Dr. Kathy Maupin

Medical Director of BioBalance Health and Author of The Secret Female Hormone

You Got Your Libido Back, Now What?

How to regain intimacy after living with a partner’s diminished sexual interest for so long.

Many of my patients are delighted to get their libido back after years of avoiding sexual intimacy with their spouse because of disinterest, difficulties, or physical pain. Once bioidentical hormone therapy helps them physically desire sex again, there are often many issues surrounding how to resume normal intimate relations. recovery after living with a parters diminished sex driveAt this point, their spouse has spent months, maybe years, learning to cope with their diminished sexual interest and there is no quick-fix pills to solve the problem. It’s not simple because it’s not just about sex, it’s about an expression of self and love within a relationship. Hormones are crucial to get the mechanics and the physicality of sex in working order, but being in a place of intimacy, passion, and love takes much more work. There are many psychological changes that have occurred while a couple has endured uneven sexual drives. After you have been in the desert for a long time, it’s hard to learn how to drink again.

My co-host on the BioBalance Healthcast, Brett Newcomb, is a Licensed Professional Counselor. He has helped me learn more about how my patients can recover from the psychological and relational aspects of hormone imbalance. These are the steps we recommend for couples who have coped with diminished sexual interest (from one or both sides) for a long time:

1. Forgive
When there has been an imbalance or a disruption in consistent sexual intimacy, someone will inevitably have been wounded, disappointed, hurt, offended, upset, or any combination of those. These wounds may run deep, and to embrace the relationship and commit to both working towards healing, you must begin by letting go of your resentment, hurt, and anger. Have a conversation where you are able to discuss your wounds; to feel, label, express, and externalize them. The process of understanding where you each have failed and expressing those inadequacies is like hitting a “reset” button. Now you are both in the same space and commit together to move forward even though you have this history where you have hurt each other. Ask each other, “Are you willing to go forward with me?”

2. Start Fresh
Now that you are both ready to move forward, do not continue to bring up things from the past or “keep score.” This is about starting over. One approach that can really help to focus on today instead of the past, is to learn to communicate in “I” statements and not in “you” statements. Instead of saying, “you always treat me this way,” say something like, “I would like to be treated like…” Another example is that instead of saying, “you never touch me this way,” say, “I would like to if you touched me this way…” Negative accusations will only inspire your partner to put up their defensive walls, making the conversation unproductive. Replacing those hurtful messages with your current desires helps to communicate more effectively, without anyone needing to get defensive. In this way, you are able to speak for yourself without labeling your partner.

3. Fantasize Together
Once you begin to improve in communicating your current desires without bringing up past failures, the next step is to engage in conscious conversations about your sex life. One of the things that I find couples rarely talk about is their personal sexual fantasies or desires. When you Mature couple communicating and building intimacyare daydreaming about a wonderful sexual experience, what do you fantasize? Begin to create an environment of comfort and trust that allows you to each share these thoughts without feeling ashamed, criticized, or embarrassed. You both need to come to the table with an attitude that says, “I love you and if that’s what you want, we can experiment with that and see if it is something that I can do. But, I am open to hearing it and trying to engage in it.” You need to keep in mind that this is a partnership; there is mutuality. Your sexual behaviors, while they are individually exciting or satisfying, actually are in service of a greater goal: intimacy.

Men and women often experience difficulty doing this because they may have been ingrained with the idea that sexual discussions, fantasies, and self-awareness are wrong as adolescents. They may have been told, “good boys and girls don’t talk or think like that.” You need to move past these mentalities in order to freely discuss your sexual relationship in a mature, loving way.

4. Flirt with Each Other
Something I encourage couples that are rekindling the fire to develop is a flirting attitude towards their spouse. It’s necessary for couples to remember why they fell in love and what first attracted them to each other. How can you send the messages to your partner that you still find them attractive? Maybe you can begin with small compliments like, “I really like your hair that way” or “I like the way that shirt makes you look.” Many people, women especially, have a hard time accepting these complements. You will need to learn how to receive that compliment as genuine and to say, “thank you.” Allow yourself to hear it. Part of flirting is learning to accept being complemented and letting yourself bask in the attention or the attraction.

5. Touch and Feel
When there has been a lack of intimacy in a relationship, part of romantic healing is to make touching each other a priority. This is not about sex. It may involve sexualized contact, but it is not about intercourse and the goal is not orgasm. It’s about holding each other and learning how to be in that space and feel safe. Sit or lay together, feeling with all of your senses how you are connected in love and in safety with your partner. What does this look like? Maybe taking just 10 or 15 minutes a week to simply hold each other and pay complete attention to that process. Don’t leave the TV playing in the background. Don’t answer the phone or deal with the kids. Go into your bedroom and lock the door if you have to, just make sure you don’t turn that into a sexual experience. Sit together, look in to each other’s eyes, hold hands or cover your spouse in gentle kisses. Just touch.

These practices will lead you and your partner towards building intimacy, and in turn will lead to a more trusting and healthy relationship. Bioidentical hormone therapy can take care of the rest!

Q&A on Sex and Intimacy

We had a great time hosting our second live webinar last week. This time the Q&A session was focused on Sex & Intimacy. As a hormone doctor—since testosterone is the key hormone in sex function—I get asked questions about sex all the time. Testosterone controls your desire for sex and your ability to function well during sex, so when people come to see me to get their hormones balanced, conversations about their sex drive and what is considered “normal” naturally come up. Some of these topics can be uncomfortable to discuss anywhere other than in the doctor’s office. So, I am constantly answering the types of questions that people would never ask their friends and family.

Since I have realized this need, I have wanted to provide a safe place where people could ask questions about sex anonymously. We began the webinar by answering the question I hear most often, “I have experienced a complete loss for desire for sex and intimacy. How can I get it back?” This is usually the main reason people come see me. One person will bring their partner along because one of them has a strong sex drive and the other doesn’t. There are many reasons for a decreased sex drive, but after getting their testosterone replaced, 90% of my patients get their libido back. Some of my patients even experience their orgasmic functions working for the first time. Balancing their hormones oftentimes allows my patients to wean off medications they were taking for cholesterol or depression that were suppressing their sex drive.

You can watch the hour-long Q&A session below.

We received so many wonderful questions during this webinar. Some of ones we focused on were:

  • Once couples get their desire for sex back, what would you advice them to do in their relationship to heal the tension that has built up from a  discontent in the sexual relationship? Communication is key, but Brett gives some great insight as a phycologist.
  • What are the negative effects of testosterone replacement for women? We discuss whether or not testosterone causes unwanted hair growth and several methods we use to address that side effect.
  • What does it cost and does insurance cover hormone replacement? Currently it is only covered for men, but we outline things you can do to urge your insurance company to treat women equally. We outline exactly what the cost includes.
  • What is the normal frequency for older couples to have sex? The average times per week has been dropping, but the numbers may surprise you.
  • Do men usually need to continue using medication for Erectile Disfunction after receiving hormone replacement? Testosterone replacement allows men to be aroused, and the desire may cure their ED. We take this on a case by case basis, since there are different factors that affect a man’s blood flow to his penis.
  • Are women supposed to have orgasm every time they have sex? As you age, your release may be different than it was when you were younger. We discuss how sex becomes more about intimacy than just orgasm for men and women.
  • What is the difference between or among the different types of female orgasms? There are 4 different types of female orgasm and we describe the differences between them.
  • How does testosterone replacement affect a man with Type 2 Diabetes? We outline the many positive effects for people with Diabetes.
  • What is the normal testosterone level for men over 50? There is a big difference between “normal” and “healthy.” Age management doctors, like myself, define “normal” as compared to young, healthy men—not men your age.

Thanks for joining us live. Please feel free to share this video with anyone you know that needs to hear that what they are going through is normal and can be changed! Do not lose hope, it is possible to desire and enjoy sex as you age.

If you are interested in learning more or becoming a new patient at BioBalance Health, please visit our New Patient page. You can also call us at 314-993-0963.

BioBalance Health Medicated Weight Loss Program

Kathy Before and After2-01Recently, many people have been asking me how I lost 10 pounds. With a busy schedule and a sweet tooth, it’s not always easy! I have been working towards developing a program to help my patients on their journey towards a healthy figure, and I’m finally ready to share my secret with you. Here at BioBalance Health, we are beginning the BioBalance Health Medicated Weight Loss Program!

For most of my patients, hormone balance is the first step to a muscular-yet-slender body. It is evident in my patients that without testosterone replacement, no program of any kind will work to shed fat after the age of 40. However, sometimes testosterone is not enough to bring you all the way back to your youthful body. This new fat loss plan is exactly what I did to lose the last remnant of fat! Many programs inadvertanly cause muscle loss along with weight loss; I wanted to distinguish my program from all the other medical weight loss clinics by focusing on fat loss: because that is what we want to lose!

Weight gain is one of the most stressful challenges that women have, yet there are very few over-the-counter fat loss solutions that really work. Hormone replacement increases muscle and bone, and decreases fat, but sometimes we need a little extra push to get to our optimal weight. That is why I spent the last two months developing this very unique program, which includes weight loss drugs, a personalized eating plan, nutrition supplements that promote weight loss, hormone balance, and exercise monitoring: all provided in a series of consultations with my nursing staff. We also offer options for genetic testing that identifies the supplements you need given your genetic makeup. These tests also identify any diseases for which you are at risk if you are obese, and for genetically-determined behaviors such as “the snacking gene.” In some patients, these revelations can be significant to the loss of fat and the maintenance of healthy body mass.

Depending on your medical and family history, your habits, and the amount of fat you want to lose, we will choose the right weight loss drug for you. My approach in designing this plan focuses on efficiency, promoting good health, excellent outcomes, and individualization, all in the most economical way. I strongly believe our plan will make a difference for you, it certainly has for me!

Our goal at BioBalance is for all of our patients to be balanced, beautiful, and at their healthiest weight!

To find out more or to make an appointment for our BioBalance Health Medicated Weight Loss Program, call 314-993-0963.

What Makes You Look Old?

This study determined which attribute of your face affected your perceived age the most.

When I ask women what signs of aging they have noticed on their face, they will usually talk about the wrinkles near their eyes, droopy eyelids, sagging skin, sunspots or a rough texture. However, according to a recent study, the lines that run from the nose to the corner of the mouth were the one feature that most influenced a person’s perceived age. These lines are called nasolabial folds, also known as your “parenthesis,” and they hold the most influence in how young or old your face looks. They cause your face to age more than any sagging eyelids or wrinkles.

woman portrait
This study was published in Clinical, Costmetic and Investigational Dermatology in April of 2014. The test consisted of a panel of 6 dermatologist that made an educated guess as to the age of 120 female participants between the ages of 41 and 49. Of course, women with medical or skin disorders, those that had spent time in tanning beds, and smokers were not included in the experiment. In the end, the “parenthesis” had the highest score as an indicator for a woman’s age. The second highest score as an age indicator was redness of skin, followed by the droopiness of the eyebrows and spots or discoloration of the skin. Most people find the outcome of this experiment to be surprising. Not just the fact that these lines we rarely think about scored so high, but you’ll never guess which attribute came out on the very bottom; crows feet and wrinkles around the eyes. Crows feet are one of the things I hear women complain about most often, but the truth is that even young women can develop crows feet… especially with the amount of time people are now spending squinting at computer and cel-phone screens.

The researchers that ran this test came up with a fancy algorithm to correctly identify someone’s age, and it works with 92% accuracy! The first thing they look at are the lines that connect your nose and mouth. That means that if you could only change one thing to make you look younger, filling in your nasolabial folds would make the biggest difference. Most wrinkles and fine lines are formed through repeat or constant expressions, such as crows feet, but these parenthesis are not. They have more to do with your genes and the breakdown of collagen throughout your face as you age. Because these folds don’t occur on the most superficial layer of your skin, I use injectables that penetrated the deeper layers to fill them in. I want my patients to be able to look as young and great as they feel, so I am constantly looking for the best services to offer them. That’s why we have added Artefill to our list of solutions at BioBalance Health. It’s the best of the best! This injectable is not a temporary filler, it is long lasting and requires much fewer treatments. It also looks and feels much more natural because it’s not made with synthetic materials that your body absorbs.

Take a look at this testimonial video and visit our website to learn more!

Individualized Medicine: A Real Life Example

iStock_000011462715LargeToday in my office, one of my patients stopped me and said with a big smile, “You saved my life!” This is a phrase I love hearing and thankfully, I’ve heard from my patients many times. Sometimes, what they mean is that I saved their marriage by replacing their testosterone (or their wife’s.) Other times, what they mean is that I’ve helped them to become healthier with a higher quality of life. But, this 50 year old gentleman meant it literally; I saved his life.

His story is a perfect example of the difference between individualized hormone replacement therapy we provide at BioBalance Health versus the assembly-line care that you get from a franchise hormone replacement practice.

The first time this patient came in, I noticed that he had high hemoglobin and hematocrit, as well as a low platelet count. This was worrisome for me because testosterone increases the H/H and the absorption of iron. In layman’s terms, if my patient responded normally to the pellet therapy, his blood would have slugged and it could have caused problems with his heart and other vessels. I knew this was potentially very dangerous, and because I am determined to do no harm, I told him that I would only give him pellets that same day if he promised that he would see his doctor immediately. I wanted him to consult with a specialist or adequately trained doctor to do a work-up for hemochromatosis—which is a common disease in St. Louis because of the northern-European population. When he came back for his second round of pellets, he sheepishly admitted that he had not seen his doctor. This time, I refused to give him more pellets because I saw that he still had an elevated H/H and low platelet count. I sent him away empty handed, with the “dangling carrot” being that he could only have pellets once he saw his doctor and proved he had a clean bill of health.

Thankfully, he took my advice and saw his primary care physician who ultimately decided that he was fine. My patient, however, wanted a second opinion from an Oncologist Hematologist. This specialist told him that he was very lucky that I had caught this. My patient was suffering from a genetic defect called “Jak 2 Defect,” which results in thickened blood that can clog arteries and cause early strokes and heart attacks. My patient received a special type of blood donation, and after multiple treatments he felt wonderful. His doctor told him that I saved his life and it really made my week to hear that. Only after his treatments did he begin to take his testosterone again; this time with my blessing.

Sun Exposure and What You Can Do About It


Most of the developed world is aware of the importance of sunscreen. Various studies have been conducted on the positive impact of sunscreen and the potential damage that can be done by overexposure to the sun. However, many people are still not aware of the importance of post sun-exposure products. There are many products available that are intended to be used after lengthy sun exposure that are designed to heal and protect your skin before the sun’s damage can establish itself.
For years, I was searching for the perfect regimen and was continually frustrated with how complicated most skin care product lines were. Out of my frustration, I decided to develop my own skincare line. I researched what my patient’s were looking for in their skincare and created BioBalance Skincare to meet their exact needs.

With my skincare line, I try to address the issues of overexposure to the sun, which many women suffer from regularly. The main problem with sun exposure is the radiation that penetrates the skin and breaks up the linking proteins and collagen that enable our skin to look young and smooth. Due to this deterioration, our skin can become damaged and wrinkled, which, frankly, makes us look old.

The damage that the sun’s radiation creates is the same as a very mild burn. So, treatment of the skin after sun exposure is an understandable approach. It’s it same as if you were to burn your finger on a stove or a curling iron. Treating the burn immediately will help to reduce scarring or wrinkling, as well as help it to heal faster. For this reason, I developed BioBalance Vitamin C Serum with Green Tea. This serum, when applied to the skin after sun exposure, will relink those dissipated proteins in the skin and will accelerate your skin’s recovery. The result will be a nice sun tan instead of an unsightly burn.

But, the healing doesn’t stop there. I’ve developed the BioBalance Skincare line so that each product will interact flawlessly with the others in order to result in the most complete and holistic healing and skin-preservation. After applying the Vitamin C Serum, BioBalance’s Botanical Hydrating Gel can then hold in the skin’s moisture and provide protection from further damage as the skin heals. Our Botanical Hydrating Gel uses natural herbs, oils, and aloe to help the skin heal  quickly. It can be used on every part of your body or face, and its cooling effect will alleviate the burning discomfort of recently-overexposed skin.

I’m not a fan of sunscreens that contain dangerous chemicals such as PABA, which acts as a carcinogen while changing cells and accelerating skin damage. Women are encouraged to avoid these types of products, especially when nursing, pregnant, or trying to become pregnant. Healthy and safe sunscreens are ones that contain natural sunblocks, zinc and/or coconut oil. Heliotrope is also safe and effective. While some unprotected sun exposure is healthy (the sun is a great source of vital Vitamin D), we must be careful with how much we are getting on a daily basis.

Believe it or not, our skin actually changes its consistency with the seasons. During the summer months, someone with dry skin should change her products to those specifically made for people with a normal skin type. Those with a normal skin type should switch to use products for oily skin types. Changing your skin care products to coincide with the time of year is a great idea to help your skin. “Summerize” your previous products by tightening their lids and keeping them in a cool, dry place, ready for fall and winter.

Our BioBalance skincare line is custom made for four different types of skin:  Dry, Normal, Oily and Problematic, and All Skin Types. This distinction is aimed at helping you easily choose the correct product for your specific skin type.

Age Management Medicine Group’s National Conference in Orlando

This past week Brett Newcomb, two of the BioBalance Health nurses, Laurie Sills RN, NP and Susie Ahrens, RN, and I attended The Age Management Medicine Group’s (AMMG) national conference in Orlando, Florida. While at the AMMG meeting, BioBalance Health co-sponsored a booth which featured our book, The Secret Female Hormone.

In addition to hosting multiple book signings at our booth, we were able to meet with physicians from all over the United States and explain our purpose in writing this book. We also were able to educate women about their options with testosterone replacement and how to decide, along with their physicians, if bioidentical hormone treatment is a viable option for them.

At the convention, I was invited to present about my experience in treating women with testosterone, and especially with pellets. My presentation was well received, as I focused on the scientific aspects of testosterone replacement and discussed the cultural and regulatory opposition that this type of treatment faces. The response was enthusiastic from an audience of about three hundred physicians from throughout the United States and Canada.

It is exciting to meet a large number of physicians who feel as I do: that testosterone replacement is the key to healthy aging while maintaining an active lifestyle. Ours is a preventive philosophy, and it was refreshing to be received in such a positive way for our desire to change the way men and women who experience symptoms of aging are treated. We want to help men and women get their lives back, and we are happy to have so much support.

Dr. Maupin on the Dave Glover Show

On August 20, 2013 Dr. Maupin appeared on the Dave Glover Show, FM NewsTalk 97.1 in St. Louis. Dave started the interview by asking Dr. Maupin to tell the part of the medical history that led her to find bioidentical hormone pellet therapy as a alternative treatment for symptoms of aging. Other topics discussed were the steps to take to become a patient, why women need testosterone and some of the frequently asked questions she gets about her practice and the treatment she provides. She took and answered several phone calls from listeners of the show.

St. Louis Radio Interview

I will be the guest of top-rated St. Louis radio host, Dave Glover, at 4:45 this afternoon. Please tune in to 97.1 FM to hear us talk about treating symptoms of aging—menopause and andropause—with bioidentical testosterone and estradiol hormone pellet therapy (HRT).

Female Andropause

Female andropause is rarely discussed but is so important to what is wrong with you! Andropause occurs years before menopause and it steals your youthful figure, ability to think, energy, self esteem, beauty, sex drive, and most importantly your health!

 Andropause is the loss of Testosterone that reaches a critical level between 38 and 50 in most women. You have a critical level, and we don’t know what it is until you experience it….it is unique to you! This is what makes it hard to measure scientifically..it is most easily diagnosed through your symptoms, age and then confirmed by blood levels. Because until recently women were not thought by the medical mainstream to have a libido, it was not even addressed as a problem.

Andropause is real in women and men! If you are thinking, ”I am not menopausal yet, but there is something really wrong with me!” It may be andropause.

Testosterone gives us so many wonderful things when we are young, and actually works on our brain to make us who we are: I provides our happy mood, our self-esteem, motivation to work and play, and of course our Libido! Physically Testosterone gives us muscle mass, a healthy immune system, young looking skin tone, orgasms, and many other attributes we associate with youth.

What is BioBalance 4 Women® Bioidentical Hormone therapy?

My philosophy in medicine has always been to promote wellness in my patients, in the most natural way possible. BioBalance 4 Women® Treatment is a unique way of diagnosing and treating andropause and menopause by replacing hormones with the exact hormone that your body made before either of these two changes. By replacing these hormones under the skin in pellet form, the body absorbs and uses the hormones before they are changed by going through your stomach, skin or vagina. Every pure hormone that is absorbed through one of these pathways is transformed into metabolites of the hormone that have side effects. By placing these pellets under the skin in the fat of your hip, we give you back what you made in your youth, and your body responds accordingly.

Our therapy also includes balancing your other important hormones like thyroid and insulin, so that you can regain a state of wellness. I cannot promise that you will live a day longer on BioBalance 4 Women pellets, but I can tell you that you will live more fully and regain your old self back! You will be healthier.

The Purpose of the Virtual Office Visit

I am working on a software program entitled the BioBalance 4 Women Virtual Office Visit. It will be available on CD-ROM in the first quarter of 2009. This entry of my blog features an excerpt from the program where I state the purpose of the Virtual Office Visit.

You are the reason I developed this Virtual Office Visit! I want every woman who needs help with their menopause problems to know that there is a treatment for their symptoms, and that they are not alone! I also believe that your education is the first step to wellness. You may find after our “visit” that you need my help face to face, and I will tell you how to make an appointment.

In some ways, this program is superior to an office visit with me face to face. I have the opportunity to give you as much time as you need and as much information I have on each symptom and diagnosis you may have.

Don’t worry, this is real medical information and you can find references to medical articles in the Reference portion of this Virtual Visit CD. You’ll also find a section covering why we aren’t hearing the right information from traditional medical care.
I know how helpless you may feel, and what it means to lose yourself from hormonal imbalance, but I am here to tell you that “I am back,” as are so many women I have treated!

Bioidentical Hormone Treatment for Symptoms of Menopause

If you are here to find help for your peri- menopause and menopausal symptoms, I believe I can help you. I have over 1500 happy patients in my practice who are just waiting share their stories with you.

Most of my patients had been told by their regular doctors that they are imagining their symptoms that were actually a result of hormone imbalance, but they had a serious set of symptoms that turned their lives upside down. They have an imbalance of the hormones Testosterone and Estradiol

You see, these patients that have a real problem, and they were not being heard! They are probably just like you, searching for an answer and confused by all conflicting information in the media. BioBalance Health’s key to successful treatment is the use of Bioidentical Hormones—both estradiol and testosterone—placed under the skin to give you an even hormone level every day…..but we do so much more than that!

I created BioBalance bioidentical hormone pellet therapy to treat women just like you. I am also a woman who experienced just what you are going through, and I know how bad it can be and how great it is to be healed!