Dr. Kathy Maupin

Author of The Secret Female Hormone and Medical Director of BioBalance Health

[col size="one_third"][pricing title="Dr. Kathy Maupin's New Book!" footer_text="Learn More" footer_background="#00537A" href="http://drkathymaupin.com/the-secret-female-hormone/"]Sliding Ad - Book4-01Dr. Kathy Maupin’s book, The Secret Female Hormone, was released on March 3rd, 2014 and can be ordered at various online booksellers. Having overcome the battle against menopause and hormone loss, Dr. Maupin shares her secrets with every woman. She wants to help women regain the health and vitality of their youth, help change the way medicine manages and treats women experiencing hormonal imbalance.[/pricing][/col]

[col size="one_third"][pricing title="A Podcast About Positive Aging" footer_text="Learn More" footer_background="#00537A" href="http://drkathymaupin.com/biobalance-healthcast/"]HomePageImageHealtchast-01-01Hosted by Dr. Kathy Maupin and her colleague and good friend, Brett Newcomb, a Licensed Professional Counselor, this weekly video podcast on positive aging includes discussions about important health issues men and women face as they age. The 15 – 25 minute episodes cover topics such as testosterone deficiency, hormonal imbalance, sex, relationships, general health, health insurance, skin care and more.[/pricing][/col]

[col size="one_third_last"][pricing title="Hormone Replacement" footer_text="Learn More" footer_background="#00537A" href="http://drkathymaupin.com/hormone-replacement/"]HomePageImagesBBH-01BioBalance Health is committed to helping men and women suffering symptoms of hormone imbalance to renew their lives. The BioBalance Bioidentical Hormone Pellets are all-natural and they restore the missing essential hormones needed to treat symptoms of aging including a diminished sex drive, insomnia, hot flashes, migraines and other physical and emotional responses to a changing mid-life body.[/pricing][/col]